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Our Company is situated in Marseille.
We commercialize our items in France, in the overseas French Territories as well as in Europe. Our essential aim and ambition as skilled professionals is to put at your disposal our expertise and our technical knowledge in the field of official professional equipments.

All the dresses and equipment accessories that we make are dedicated to Military Staffs, Law Enforcement as well as private Safety Staffs.

In the field of Military equipment our Company has a unique knowledge and expertise that is why it is famous for its professionalism and recognized by all the professional buyers working for the Military and Government Administrations, as well as by the purchasers working in private companies...

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CHOLET Uniforms

Manufacturer of Official Military dresses and clothing accessories as well as professional equipments.

The E. Cholet Company was created in 1920. Its ranges of items cover all the fields concerning the manufacturing of official dresses, military decoration accessories as well as numerous kinds of clothes accessories and professional equipments dedicated to :

  • The soldiers of the whole French Armies (Army, Navy and Air force)
  • The Law Enforcements Staffs of the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Police Municipale,
  • The Public Safety Staffs who are the Firemen,
  • The Private Safety Staffs.

Our managerial staff is composed by people having an historical knowledge of all the items dedicated to the above mentioned kinds of customers. Our supervisors are all trained to meet all the requirements mentioned in our customers’ technical files. The computerization of our production processes allows us to carefully respect both quality and delivery time, it also allows us to efficiently deal with a lot of products and collections meeting our customers’ needs.

Our Company has a unique expertise and knowledge in the manufacturing of Military Hats (Kepis, stiff Caps and so…) Sewed braids (Stiff or smooth shoulders, Velcro patches, Sleeves and so on), Official Decoration accessories (Medals, Ribbons, metal Insignias and so on…).

Our catalogues which are printed per kind of customs in order to help you in the selection of our products only exhaustively mention part of our whole range of items.